Slot Machine History

Slot machines were born more than 100 years ago. More specifically, it was in 1895 that the first was unveiled. However, it was very old-fashioned and in 1907 the German Charles Fey, who lived in San Francisco, made some improvements to the system and manufactured the first commercial slot machine. This was called the “Liberty Bell.”

From the 1960s on, slot machines did not need an assistant to pay the prizes and the lever was becoming dispensable, since electromechanical mechanisms began to be introduced. In the following years, the first video game slot machines appeared that used screens and processors instead of reels and levers.

However, later and today free online slot machines have become very popular. These can be found on websites like, which offer:

  • Customer support : there are contact channels through which help is offered to the user when playing free slot machines, if they have complaints, suggestions or any comments that they want to send to the staff that administers the page.
  • Design : They offer a variety of free slot machines with different themes and designs that attract different types of players.
  • Technologies : our slot machines are fast, reliable, have the best slot machine systems and modes. We use the latest technologies.
  • Security : our servers are safe and reliable. Our policy is to offer the user the greatest comfort and security so that they feel protected and confident.

Free Slots Conditions

  • With deposit : Some casinos will require you to make an initial deposit in order to play their free slot games, the minimum amount varies depending on the casino. This deposit is used to play free casino slots for free and can be withdrawn as soon as the payment is approved.
  • Free : In case you want to try a game before betting, there are casinos that offer you free online slots, in which you are given virtual money with which you will bet. So you can watch a simulation of the real free slot games and decide if you want to bet your money or not. These slots do not influence the accumulated bag count, as no money is wagered on them.
  • No download : This type of slot is having a boom is the no download mode. With this type of slot machine you will be able to play in your browser online without the need to download a program. Its main attraction is that you can play free slots from your computer or cell phone anywhere without having to be on a specific device.
  • Minimum bet : This type of slot requires you to play a minimum amount before you can claim the bonus. This is necessary since if it is not done many people only registered for the bonus and took all the money immediately. Usually the minimum bet requirement is stated as a multiple of the bonus (example, 20x the bonus) or the bonus plus the deposit (example, 20x bonus + deposit). These terms and conditions vary from casino to casino.