Find Out What Longtail Keywords You Should Be Using... To Make Your Website Google Friendly (Let Your Ideal Customers Find YOU Instead)

  • From: Shae Baxter

  • Melbourne, Australia

Shae Baxter

A lot of female entrepreneurs approach search engine optimisation haphazardly.

They think they’re “optimising” their content by putting keywords in a bunch of different fields using their SEO plugin.

But here’s the problem. You’re not really optimising anything because you haven’t done the keyword research before you begin to optimise.

All the optimisation in the world won’t help you if you’re not clear on what keywords your ideal customer is typing into Google.

How can you find your best customers if you have no idea what search terms they’re using to find you?

You can have the best content or a well-written blog post on your site but if people can’t find it then you pretty much don’t exist.

It's all too easy now to be ignored.

Instead, you need to target the right people to come to your site - people who are interested in what you have to say.

So how do you get noticed?

The answer is Keyword Research.

Keyword research is critical to finding out what your ideal customers are searching for. 

Only when you know what keywords to target can you attract your ideal customer.

Many female entrepreneurs inadvertently use the wrong keywords. The words they use can often be attracting the wrong type of people to their website, which means their bounce rates are sky high.

And high bounce rates can affect where you rank on Google.

The goal of this report is to identify some of the longtail search terms that can be used to attract your ideal customers.

Not only that, you can use these keywords to discover new attention grabbing headlines and write blog posts that best serves your ideal customer.

Here's exactly what you'll get inside this report:

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Shae Baxter