About Shae (i.e. My Story)

Are You Sassy?

Adjective: Lively, bold, & full of spirit; cheeky

Calling all women who want to unleash their inner Carrie Bradshaw. My goal is to get people to read your website and help you to attract more of your ideal customers.

Hey there. I’m Shae.

Shae Baxter - making your website Google friendly

Shae Baxter – making your website Google friendly

I’m a web writing trainer, writer and blogger.

I teach you “How To Write For The Web.”

In other words, I help sassy solopreneurs (like you) GET attention online.


Because I believe you deserve the best chance of getting your message out in the world.

I know what it’s like to not feel heard.

I grew up shy and introverted and struggled to be heard. I was the awkward girl at parties who sat in the corner and never said boo to a moose. I was the girl in high school who used to skip school when it was my turn to stand in front of the class and talk. And I was the girl that constantly got asked, “You don’t say much do you?”

Belinda Carlisle has been my favorite singer for years. Grace Kelly is my favorite actress. Carrie Bradshaw is my style guru. They are goddesses and as I was growing up I secretly aspired to be them. Someone smarter, more attractive, confident and…sassy.

So 4 years ago I decided to start a blog and I instantly felt empowered. I found my voice and I knew that a career online was for me.

But I also made another enlightening discovery.

Once I gave myself permission to really be myself and stopped trying to impress others, I discovered I really wasn’t that shy, submissive girl I was led to believe. I was playing the role of a shy person because that was the story I was telling myself. I thought it defined who I was. But my inner being was really far more free-spirited and outgoing than I realized. Truth be told I’m a secret performer who at times can hold her own rocking the mic!

I decided to unshackle my own chains and forge my own path. A path to freedom and self-expression and I want to help you do the same.

I want to help you get your message out in the world.

You long to express yourself in ways you never could in the corporate world.

You have leaped into entrepreneurship after abandoning your corporate gig.

You’re a sophisticated bombshell who is not afraid to do things your way.

You’re a world changer and aspiring creator.

You’re unique, idealistic and proud of it. You left conventional wisdom behind years ago.

You aren’t afraid to challenge assumptions because you have your sights set on taking over the world.

You’ve finally given yourself permission that you don’t need to fit in.

You’re sick and tired of playing the game and want to do things your way.

And I believe that YOU have a right to be heard, to get attention and be understood, no matter who you are or where you’re from.

Seth Godin said that the scarcest resource online is attention.

How true that is. The web world is a messy, crowded place and the online party has expanded. There are more gatecrashers than ever before and you can only keep a person’s attention sometimes less than it takes you to put a sugar in your latte.

The good news is to get this attention you don’t have to be the loudest at the party. But your message does need to be heard by the people that matter.

To be heard you need to capture people’s attention by getting your audience to discover you first.

And I already know you have a message that people need to hear … if only they can find it.

So, how can I help you conquer this BIG problem?

I help you create useful, usable, accessible and engaging web content that gets discovered, attracts the attention of search engines and the right customers and clients.

YOUR customers and clients!

In other words, web content that won’t get buried beneath millions of web pages and won’t be abandoned or ignored.

Think of me as Jakob Nielsen wearing high heel shoes, except here you won’t find any man-style, geeky, jargon-laden descriptions.

Just simple, stress-free and practical tips you can apply immediately to your business.

So, are you ready to sass-out for your big online debut or improve your current web content out of sight?

Get in touch and let’s create some style, sass and swagger together.


A Little Bit More About Me….Miss Sassy

Notting Hill is my all time favorite movie but I usually prefer a scary movie to a chick flick. Superman was my hero and I thought Lois Lane and Clark Kent epitomized true love. I’ve been known to file my nails in unusual locations…restaurants have not been out of the question. Weird I know. I’m a child of the 80’s and I was country born and bred. Liverpool is my favorite city in the world and I have a penchant for all things English including a nice cup of tea and cake. Ryan Reynolds and Patrick Swayze are my ideal ‘avatars’, oh and Jon Bon Jovi has a nice chest when it’s shaved. Chocolate and (red) wine go hand in hand like peas and carrots. Oh and I have a piece of chocolate just everyday. Heaven really is a place on earth.  :)